The only online program that uses values and purpose to

Bring Your Family

Greater Unity

Giving parents a fresh approach to growing a strong family and raising happier, more confident children.

Every parent yearns to be great, but experiences these doubts and challenges

  • How do I shape my children to grow into responsible, caring adults?

  • Home life feels chaotic and stressful

  • What is the best way to teach Morals and Values?

  • Marriage not as strong as it could be

  • What are tools I can use to address poor behavior?

  • Exhausted Juggling work-home-life

You have a family...but do you have a GREAT Family?

Introducing The Family With Purpose Program

Simple, Engaging, Fun Program for families to help them work together to build intention into their family’s interactions, shared commitments, and vision for the future, bringing everyone on the same page and strengthening family bonds. The program includes:

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What's included

  • The Family with Purpose Course

  • Group Activities and Challenges
  • In-depth Training Video Sessions
  • Family Plan Management Tool
  • Family Storyline (NEW - launching Fall 2020)
  • Private Facebook Group for Additional Support

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What that means for you

  • Success instilling values and morals in your children

  • Confidence you are disciplining your children consistently and correctly

  • Teach your children to become responsible, accountable, and great decision makers

  • More time and energy for yourself and your family

  • More open, fulfilling conversations with your children and spouse

  • Stronger boundaries set between work and home

What that means for your children

  • Higher levels of self-esteem and belonging

  • Ability to develop grit, take chances, and move past failure

  • Feel empowered to make great decisions and navigate their world

  • More easily overcome challenges and conflict

  • Understand what it means to uphold the family name

  • Better behavior in alignment with values

GREAT Family Successes

"I Loved Mapping out our Family’s Future Together"

"When we sat down as a family to go through the course, it helped us address things we really needed to work on. I loved mapping out our future and how we can build and grow together. It was probably some of the best conversation we have ever had.

Now my children are behaving better, my husband and I are less stressed, and we are all in better moods living in more harmony. Thank you Family With Purpose. It’s such an amazing program”

- The Reese Family

"Our Family has the Structure and Accountability it needs to Thrive"

"My husband and I weren’t on the same page on the best way to raise strong, confident children. This was confusing our children and I was feeling overwhelmed trying to be the glue holding everything together.

The program helped us to set the structure and accountability our family needs to thrive. There is an overall sense of peace within all of us and I am thankful for that!"

- The Fuierer Family

"Our Family’s Values are Clear"

"It’s been a blessing to watch everyone in our family grow along side the Family Plan we created. Our Family’s Core Values, Mission and goals are now clear. Going through this together bonded us as a family in so many ways and it’s really helped me be a better mother and wife.

I feel a lot of weight off my shoulders which leaves me more energized to take care of myself throughout the day. What a miracle program to get our family on the right track!"

- The Kelishes Family

Don't wait any longer to start making a great family

Take a sneak peak inside the Family with Purpose program

Heidi & Marc guide you each step of the journey
See how the Family with Purpose program takes you step-by-step to a lasting Family Mission.
Learn the secrets to a great Family Mission
We removed all the guesswork through a 5-step process
Have fun brainstorming ideas with the whole family
Then vote and may the best Mission win!
Enter your final Family mission
Then complete the step by choosing a symbol to represent it

The Family with Purpose Story can be yours!

Every strong family throughout history began with a vision, a plan, and a foundation based on values. However, Marc and Heidi Koehler know how difficult it is to create a family plan and stick with it — especially when you are busy running a business, being in the military, living as a single parent, or feeling overworked or overwhelmed by responsibility.

That is why they created Family With Purpose! Marc and Heidi’s experiences and the experiences of many families like yours helped shape Family With Purpose. This proven system shows you how to develop your children into responsible, mature leaders without needing to scream and punish them for the mistakes children make along the way.

It began with a yearning for a greater marriage and family...

Marc was frustrated with his life as a father and husband – so was his wife Heidi and their three daughters - when he decided to take everything he knew about being a nuclear submarine officer and turnaround CEO and apply it to his marriage and his family. What happened next was nothing short of incredible.

After just a few short weeks, the friction, pain and frustration that was previously being felt at home was down significantly. Marc, Heidi and their three daughters bonded together like never before. Their family culture, their home, and their marriage was completely transformed!

...and led to the creation of a life-changing program for families

Today, Heidi and Marc are still going strong 25 years into their marriage. They have raised three strong confident women who are crushing it in life. And now they want to give back by sharing their program with the world.

Together, Marc and Heidi have consolidated their knowledge of successfully juggling work, marriage, and parenting into an unified system which they have now made available to everyone through Family With Purpose. This life-changing program is now available to you and your family and so don't hesitiate to sign up today and begin creating the life and family of your dreams.

Frequently asked questions

What if I am not satisfied with the program?

We are very confident that you will love the program, however, if you don't then we offer a 14-day 100% money-back guarantee.

What if we don't have any kids?

Family With Purpose makes a great gift for friends or family with kids, or if you are planning to have kids someday - get a head-start on parenting today.

How much time should this take?

You can spend as little as a few hours or as much as 10 days developing your One Page Family Plan. It is really up to you how much time you want to invest in the process. Many are spending a total of 4-6 hours to complete the first version of their plan.

Where should this be done?

The most important aspect is that the space is conducive to having an open conversation with all of the family members involved and it is distraction free. It could be completed over dinner with your spouse at a restaurant or at home in your living room with your family.

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